Let’s travel together. Lab – Becoming a Defender (Instructor Version)



Research and analyze what it takes to become a network defender

Background / Scenario

In our technology-centric world, as the world gets more connected, it also gets less safe. Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing and in-demand professions. Individuals in this field perform a wide variety of jobs including but not limited to consultation, investigation and program management services to mitigate risks through both internal and external sources. Cybersecurity professionals are required to evaluate, design and implement security plans, conduct in-depth fraud investigation and perform security research and risk assessment and propose solutions to potential security breaches.

Individuals with good security skills have a great earning potential. To be considered for one of these high paying jobs, it is imperative to have the proper qualifications. To this effect, it is important to consider the industry certificates available for this career path. There are many certifications to choose from, and selecting the right certificate(s) for you individually requires careful consideration.

Note: You can use the web browser in virtual machine installed in a previous lab to research security related issues. By using the virtual machine, you may prevent malware from being installed on your computer.

Required Resources

  • PC or mobile device with Internet access

Step 1: Conduct search of Certifications.

a. Using your favorite search engine conduct a search for the most popular certifications are (in terms of what people hold, not necessarily what employers demand):
Answers will vary.

b. Pick three certifications from the list above and provide more detail below about the certification requirements / knowledge gained ie: vendor specific or neutral, number of exams to gain certification, exam requirements, topics covered etc.
Answers will vary.

Step 2: Investigate positions available within cybersecurity

Indeed.com is one of the largest job site worldwide. Using your browser of choice, access indeed.com and search for cybersecurity jobs available within the last two weeks.

a. How many new job listings were posted within the last two weeks?
Answers will vary.

b. What is the salary range for the top 10 listings?
The answers will vary.

c. What are the most common qualifications required by employers?
The answers will vary.

d. What industry certifications are required by these employers?
The answers will vary.

e. Do any of certifications match the ones listed in Step 1a?
The answers will vary.

f. Investigate online resources that allow you to legally test your hacking skills. These tools allow a novice with limited cyber security experience to sharpen their penetration testing skills, such as Google Gruyere (Web Application Exploits and Defenses).
Answers will vary.

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